Sun Com Wireless - Sun Com "not the Uhmmmmmmm plan!"

Not resolved

I have made so many phone calls and complaints to sun com not to ever get any results.Roaming even in the local Wal-mart, yet I am over my minutes in less than 10 days and I have 1200 any time minutes.

Told be several customer service reps that they always go over their minutes. (did I ask?) I had 1000 minutes for 3 years and never got near using them all and now for 3 months I have been going threw *** trying to clear my account and spent almost $450 dollars on a CELL PHONE! that is wrost than my mountaineer truck payment. I have threatened to send them to the local news because I am seriously hurt about the situation and they refuse to resolve it.

Customer happiness first? please.

I am in North Carolina and my phone always blinks out and says no service, how is that for the un plan.un service more like it.

I only asked for help and to review my account accordingly not to give me a million dollars

Review about: Wireless Service Plan.

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